Solid Fragrance Concentrates for Easy Incorporation into a Plastic Product
"The Gold Standard of the Industry"


  • Proprietary fragrance encapsulation process
  • Pellets remain dry to the touch even with high fragrance oil loading
  • Unmatched aromatic authenticity
  • Long-lasting, time released scent delivery system


  • Infinite number of fragrances available
  • All fragrance concentrates custom made
  • Colors available to match the fragrance palette


  • AromaBioFlex® "Green Plasticizer Technology"
    - Flexible PVC based solid fragrance concentrate
      based on "Alternative Renewable Feedstocks"
  • AromaCon™
    - Polyethylene based solid fragrance concentrate
  • AromaFlex™
    - Flexible PVC based solid fragrance concentrate
  • AromaGlass™
    - High clarity fragrance concentrate


  • Car Air Fresheners
  • Toys
  • Garbage Bags / Film
  • Housewares
  • Odor-Eliminating Products